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    Neo Rauch - Searcher (1997)

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    Hamburg sights 2013.

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    No man, seriously. Am I weird?”

    "Yeah, but so what? Everybody’s weird"

    Stand By Me (1986)
    Rob Reiner

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     Matthew Lief Anderson

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    I often felt a sort of envy of human beings, of that thing they call ‘spirit’. Human beings have created a million explanations of the meaning of life- in art, in poetry, and mathematical formulas. Certainly human beings must be the key to the meaning of existence”

    A.I. Artificial Intelligence
    Steven Spielberg

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    Digital Illustrations by Artem Rhad Cheboha

    Our Quarterly boxes are now $50 $30. The next box will include a hardcover photobook of Brandon C. Long's Polaroid photography and one lucky subscriber will receive a Polaroid camera and a pack of Impossible film: quarterly.co/art 


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